Books for Virgo Season

By Kat La Mantia | August 29 2023 | GiftBlogAdultsGeneralAll

Virgo season is upon us! From August 24 – September 22, the maiden of the harvest rules the skies, and diligent Virgos have their time to shine. Like fellow Earth sign Taurus, Virgo is practical, organized, grounded, and full of drive to get things done. For Virgo, that drive can lead them into perfectionism and the duality of high accomplishment and excess self-criticism that accompanies such a trait. You can find Virgos putting in the work and building a reputation as a human rocket ship soaring at the top of their field. However, you can also find Virgos mired in worry, creative blocks, and self-doubt. Building real confidence is key for Virgos to reach their highest potential.

Mercury-ruled Virgo is full of ideas and loves to talk about them. They’re the person that loves to offer advice and find solutions when friends come to them to vent. Deeply caring, Virgos feel that their love for others is best expressed in manifesting real positive change in loved ones’ lives. Though Virgos find immense satisfaction in solving other people’s problems, their hyper-critical and high-strung natures mean that they can often have a blind eye when it comes to finding the best way through their own worries. Learning to quiet anxious thoughts and achieve relaxation will help nervous Virgos find their footing again.

Virgos can find peace in the ritual of daily tasks like organizing their home or perfecting a dinner recipe. Habit tracking journals are a positive way to channel their perfectionist tendencies, and practical hobbies like reading, gardening, or knitting will appeal to sensible Virgo. Our picks for Virgo this month feature celebrities who share the sign, Beyoncé and Zendaya, books that honor the Earth as their zodiac element, books to soothe anxiety, and books that offer tangible and rewarding hobbies to fill the idle hands of any over-thinking Virgo.

Baby Astrology: Dear Little Virgo
Discover what makes every Virgo baby special! This perfect book for your little star is part of a gorgeous and 100% giftable 12-book astrology board book series that shares gentle thoughts about the characteristics of a child born under each star sign.
$7.99 US
Apr 28, 2020
6 x 6
Board Book
26 Pages
Doubleday Books for Young Readers
Age 0-3 years

A to Zendaya
A Celebration of a Pop Culture Icon
Channel your inner Zendaya and learn more about her journey to superstardom with this inspiring guide packed with empowering wisdom, facts, and quotes from the global style icon.
$12.99 US
Jun 20, 2023
5-3/8 x 5-3/4
128 Pages

Liberté Egalité Beyoncé
Empowering quotes and wisdom from our fierce and flawless queen
A beautifully illustrated book featuring quotes and general wisdom from Queen Bey.
$14.95 US
Oct 30, 2018
6-1/4 x 7-1/4
112 Pages
Smith Street Books

Beautifully Organized In 52 Weeks
A Home Organization Card Deck
Jump-start your spring cleaning list! This perfect card deck for homeowners features one simple organization task per week, so you can create a beautiful, functional, and organized home in just 52 weeks.
$19.95 US
Jan 03, 2023
3 x 4
Paige Tate & Co

Food52 Your Do-Anything Kitchen
The Trusty Guide to a Smarter, Tidier, Happier Space
The ultimate guide to the kitchen from Food52--the award-winning kitchen and home destination--filled with ideas for creating, organizing, and enjoying everyone's favorite room in the house.
$19.99 US
Sep 01, 2020
6-1/2 x 8-1/2
176 Pages
Ten Speed Press

Home Therapy
Interior Design for Increasing Happiness, Boosting Confidence, and Creating Calm: An Interior Design Book
Therapy meets home design in this holistic, beautifully photographed guide to incorporating self-care and mental wellness into all your living spaces.
$35.00 US
Dec 06, 2022
7-1/2 x 9-1/2
304 Pages
Clarkson Potter

No Worries
A Guided Journal to Help You Calm Anxiety, Relieve Stress, and Practice Positive Thinking Each Day
Are anxiety and worried thoughts making you feel restless and panicked? Are they preventing you from feeling positive and optimistic about your day-to-day life? If so, manage your thoughts and lift your spirits using this beautiful daily Self-Care Journal as your guide.
$17.95 US
Sep 12, 2023
6 x 9
256 Pages
Blue Star Press

My Reading Life
What I Read, How It Felt, and What I Thought (A Book Journal for Book Lovers. Gifts for Book Lovers. Gifts for Readers)
Bring mindfulness and intentionality to your reading life with this charming guided journal. Express yourself—write down how you feel about the books you read!
$16.99 US
Jan 11, 2022
5-1/2 x 7-1/2
Stationery & Accessories
176 Pages
Spruce Books

52 Lists for Happiness Floral Pattern
Weekly Journaling Inspiration for Positivity, Balance, and Joy (A Guided Self-Ca re Journal with Prompts, Photos, and Illustrations)
"...filled with pages of joy-boosting prompts, frame-worthy illustrations, and stunning photography that is sure to spark her artsy side."—Women's Health MagazineFor fans of the bestselling 52 Lists series and any journaler who wants to cultivate their own uniquely happy and fulfilling lives through the power of lists!
$18.99 US
Nov 01, 2022
5-1/2 x 8-1/2
Stationery & Accessories
144 Pages
Sasquatch Books

The Inspired Houseplant
Transform Your Home with Indoor Plants from Kokedama to Terrariums and Water Gardens to Edibles
Now in paperback--the ultimate go-to guide for aspiring indoor gardeners offers inspiration to envision and instructions to create your own gorgeous in-home garden spaces.
$22.95 US
Mar 28, 2023
7 x 10-1/2
208 Pages
Sasquatch Books

The Definitive Guide to Houseplants
This is the definitive text for potting, maintaining, and loving your houseplants.
$49.95 US
Oct 27, 2020
7-7/8 x 10-1/4
416 Pages
Smith Street Books

The Perfectionist's Guide to Losing Control
A Path to Peace and Power
Selected for USA Today's Best Books of 2023Selected as Editor's Pick in Amazon's Best Books of 2023 From psychotherapist Katherine Morgan Schafler, an invitation to every “recovering perfectionist” to challenge the way they look at perfectionism, and the way they look at themselves.
$32.00 US
Jan 17, 2023
6 x 9
352 Pages

I Didn't Do the Thing Today
Letting Go of Productivity Guilt
How to release productivity guilt and embrace the hidden values in our daily lives.
$27.00 US
Jan 11, 2022
6 x 8
304 Pages

The Daily Stoic Boxed Set
A new package for the book that has spent over 300 weeks on the bestseller lists!The perfect gift for anyone seeking to add serenity, self-knowledge, and resilience into their lives—The Daily Stoic and The Daily Stoic Journal, now conveniently together in a beautiful boxed set
$58.00 US
Apr 18, 2023
5-1/2 x 8-1/4
Boxed Set

The Moth Presents: A Game of Storytelling
From the storytelling experts at The Moth, an interactive card deck that uses true stories to encourage lively conversations, spark creativity, and improve your public speaking abilities.
$17.99 US
Sep 06, 2022
5-1/2 x 3-15/16
100 Pages
Clarkson Potter

The Perfect Loaf
The Craft and Science of Sourdough Breads, Sweets, and More: A Baking Book
A dynamic, authoritative sourdough baking bible for those looking to build confidence in the craft with a wide range of foolproof recipes, from pan loaves to pizza to doughnuts, by the beloved blogger and resident bread baker at Food52
$40.00 US
Nov 08, 2022
9 x 10-1/4
432 Pages
Clarkson Potter

Out of Your Mind
A Journal and Coloring Book to Distract Your Anxious Mind
An uplifting and calming collection of journal prompts and coloring pages to ease an anxious mind, from the popular Instagram artist behind @positivelypresent.
$17.00 US
Sep 13, 2022
6 x 8
160 Pages

A Knitter’s Year
30 modern knits for every season
Knit your own beautiful garments for your family and loved ones – young and old - for every season with Nordic patterns for a year of knitting!
$29.95 US
Apr 25, 2023
8-1/2 x 11
200 Pages
Search Press

The Mindful Gardener
A Journal
Following the still-cresting wave of mindfulness and featuring stunning art from the archives of The New York Botanical Garden, this beautiful prompted journal creates a space for gardeners and nature lovers to find peace and inspiration while meditating on garden themes.
$14.99 US
Oct 03, 2017
6 x 8
Stationery & Accessories
208 Pages
Clarkson Potter

Happy Indoor Garden
Easy Plant Guide for Each Room of Your Home
A Happy Plant Makes for a Happy Home; Find the Right Plant for Each Room
$29.95 US
Oct 24, 2023
7-1/2 x 9-3/4
224 Pages

Go Your Own Way
A Journal for Building Self-Confidence
From the author of Start Where You Are, a beautiful and empowering journal for embracing what makes you special—and charting your own path.
$17.00 US
Oct 24, 2023
5-1/2 x 7-1/2
128 Pages