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Meera Lee Patel

Meera Lee Patel is a self-taught artist, writer, and internationally recognized best-selling author. She writes books that help people connect with themselves, each other, and the world around them. Her books and journals have sold well over a million copies and have been translated into more than a dozen languages worldwide. She lives with her family in St. Louis, Missouri.


Stories Worth Sharing

Holidays are the time for sharing. Whether it’s a delicious meal, a hilarious white elephant gift, the perfect stocking stuffer, or that gorgeous coffee table book you know they’ve been craving, PRH has everything you need to make the holidays unforgettable. Spread some holiday cheer with stories worth sharing with the ones you love most!

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Soothe Your Spirit

March is spiritual wellness month, which means it’s a great time to turn inwards and tend to the wellbeing of our souls. Self-compassion, mindfulness, purpose, and empathy are all critical to creating a life that is meaningful and fosters joy. Whether your path to wellness involves spellwork, journaling, meditation, or self-help guides, take time to

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