Soothe Your Spirit

By Kat La Mantia | March 15 2023 | BlogAdultsGeneralAllGift

March is spiritual wellness month, which means it’s a great time to turn inwards and tend to the wellbeing of our souls. Self-compassion, mindfulness, purpose, and empathy are all critical to creating a life that is meaningful and fosters joy. Whether your path to wellness involves spellwork, journaling, meditation, or self-help guides, take time to tend to your own garden this month to cultivate peace and satisfaction.

Find Your Purpose
Affirmations and Questions to Help You Along Your Path
A deck to help you navigate the big and little questions in life.
$24.95 US
Nov 01, 2022
3-3/4 x 5-1/3
Other Formats
50 Pages
Smith Street Gift

Let Go of the Past, Connect with the Present, and Expand the Future
A radically compassionate plan for turning inward and lifting the heaviness that prevents us from healing ourselves and the world, from the New York Times bestselling author of Clarity & Connection
$24.00 US
Oct 04, 2022
5-1/2 x 8-1/4
288 Pages

Spellwork for Self-Care
40 Spells to Soothe the Spirit
For those who want to infuse their self-care routine with a little magic, this mystical guidebook provides readers with simple spells to enhance their daily lives. Topics range from relationships and emotional health to self-love, work, school, and more.
$12.99 US
Dec 24, 2019
5 x 7
128 Pages
Clarkson Potter

How to Be Weird
An Off-Kilter Guide to Living a One-of-a-Kind Life
A guidebook for beating the monotony of the everyday by purposefully cultivating the surprising joys that come from living an off-kilter life
$17.00 US
Nov 08, 2022
5-1/2 x 8-1/4
240 Pages
Penguin Books

The Cantigee Oracle
An Ecological Spiritual Guide and Creative Prompt Deck
For users of Inner Compass Cards and The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Deck, a nature-based 52-card deck and accompanying guidebook for the modern seeker.
$24.95 US
Nov 15, 2022
5 x 7
256 Pages
North Atlantic Books

Big Magic
Creative Living Beyond Fear
The instant #1 New York Times bestseller--the path to the vibrant, fulfilling life you've dreamed of.
$18.00 US
Sep 27, 2016
5-1/2 x 8-1/4
304 Pages
Riverhead Books

Heal Your Living
The Joy of Mindfulness, Sustainability, Minimalism, and Wellness
Embark on a transformational journey with this easy-to-use minimalist, mindful guide to physical and emotional decluttering from the founder of Heal Your Living, the Youtube lifestyle channel with over 250,000 subscribers
$19.95 US
May 24, 2022
6-1/2 x 9
160 Pages
Parallax Press

Raise Your Vibes Crystal Cards
A fun, sparkly, beautifully designed crystal card deck created by Instragram influencer and TV host Athena Bahri. It incorporates reiki and chakra principles, with a vibe-raising activity for each crystal card.
$27.95 US
Feb 14, 2023
3-7/16 x 4-15/16
120 Pages
Watkins Publishing

Dreamer's Journal
An Illustrated Guide to the Subconscious
The only guided journal of its kind, Dreamer's Journal is a vibrant, visual exploration of dream symbols that provides anyone with the resources to record and interpret their dreams.
$16.99 US
Apr 09, 2019
6 x 8
Stationery & Accessories
160 Pages
Clarkson Potter

Crystals for Beginners
A Deck of 50 Crystal Cards to Heal Body, Mind and Spirit
Get to know healing crystals with this beginner-friendly deck. Learn about the fifty most popular healing crystals and how to use them to improve your life.
$22.00 US
Nov 01, 2022
4-1/3 x 5-9/10
50 Pages
Krause Publications

To Stand and Stare
"This book is full of the gentle philosophy that our gardens need. It's a wonderful deep look into the why and how of gardening." Alys Fowler
$19.99 US
Feb 14, 2023
5-5/16 x 8-1/2
288 Pages

The 3-Minute Journal of Joy
A Three-Year Record of Each Day's Memorable Moments
Celebrate what brings you joy by journaling for just three minutes a day, creating a three-year record of moments worth remembering.
$16.00 US
Nov 15, 2022
5-1/2 x 7
384 Pages
Ink & Willow

Animal Apothecary
A 44-Card Oracle Deck & Guidebook for Manifestation & Fulfillment
Receive guidance from your true self and manifest your most epic future using the wisdom of the animal kingdom. Each card in this colorful deck and detailed guidebook connects the reader more deeply to their inherent power to manifest their dreams and fulfill their destinies.
$22.99 US
Sep 13, 2022
2-3/4 x 4-3/4
144 Pages
Hay House LLC

Spells for Living Well
A Witch's Guide for Manifesting Change, Well-being, and Wonder
Discover the magical power of Witchcraft and spellcasting, and manifest clarity, healing, and transformation for yourself, others, and the natural world.
$14.99 US
Oct 25, 2022
5 x 7
304 Pages
Hay House UK

Radical Love
From Separation to Connection with the Earth, Each Other, and Ourselves
To see peace in our lifetimes, we have to practice love.
$15.95 US
Feb 07, 2023
5 x 7-1/2
180 Pages
Parallax Press

Choose Joy
Relieve Burnout, Focus on Your Happiness, and Infuse More Joy into Your Everyday Life
Protect yourself from burnout and find the balance you've been craving in this self care book for women.
$19.95 US
Nov 08, 2022
6 x 9
184 Pages
Blue Star Press

Create Your Own Calm
A Journal for Quieting Anxiety
From the bestselling author of Start Where You Are, a beautifully illustrated journal for easing the everyday anxieties we all carry.
$16.00 US
Sep 22, 2020
5-1/2 x 7-1/2
128 Pages

Chakras & Self-Care
Activate the Healing Power of Chakras with Everyday Rituals
Embrace the timeless teachings of the chakra system for peace of mind, better physical health, and a sense of alignment, fulfillment, and purpose.
$16.99 US
Aug 25, 2020
6 x 8
224 Pages