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Huw Richards

Huw Richards is a permaculturalist, digital creator, and co-director for Regenerative Media based in mid-west Wales. His YouTube channel has over 800,000 subscribers and his videos have collectively been viewed over 85M times. Huw has written four books with DK: Veg in One Bed (2019), Grow Food For Free (2020), The Vegetable Grower's Handbook (2022), and The Self-Sufficiency Garden (2024).


Books for Capricorn Season

The archer becomes the sea-goat as the astrological year turns to Capricorn from December 22 – January 20. Like other earth signs (such as fellow horn-wearer, Taurus), Capricorns posses a practical and grounded nature that underpins their loftier ambitions. More than dreamers, Capricorns are planners. Their down-to-earth attitude means that Capricorns can be more disciplined

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