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Julia Parker

Julia Parker (Author)
Julia and Derek Parker are two of the most highly respected astrologers worldwide. Julia trained with the Faculty of Astrological Studies in London, while Derek's interest in the history of astrology led him to write a book on astrology in the modern world. They wrote The Compleat Astrologer, selling millions of copies worldwide.

The best-selling husband and wife team have since published over 50 books on astrology and dream interpretation. They live in Australia, and broadcast and lecture on astrology throughout Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and the US.


Essential Astrology for Self-Discovery

Is your fate written in the stars? For curious beginners and experienced professionals alike, astrology holds the key to self-discovery. From evaluating the match potential of a romantic partner to career advice tailored to your unique birth chart, astrology can be used to gain more insight into any facet of life. Many of us know

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Celestial Vibes

The drive to unlock the secrets of the stars is irresistible. Whether you’re into astrology, astronomy, or you find yourself connecting with the dark, ethereal aesthetics of the moon and stars, there are plenty of celestial PRH titles to explore. Self-reflect in style with the moon phases cover of Burn After Writing. Decode your future

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