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Elisa Boxer

Elisa Boxer is an Emmy-winning journalist whose writing has been featured in publications including The New York Times and Fast Company. She is the author of several acclaimed nonfiction picture books, including The Tree of Life and Hidden Hope. She lives in Maine with her family.

Sofia Moore is a Jewish Ukrainian-American artist and illustrator based in Las Vegas, Nevada. She loves painting traditionally and layering textures both on paper and digitally.


Climate Conscious Earth Day Reads

April 22 is Earth Day! With another record-breaking summer approaching, combatting climate change is more important than ever. This Earth Day, discover new ways you can help save the planet with books on recycling, sustainable living, reconnecting with nature, and more! Make a difference in your own home by reducing plastic waste or planting a

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One Turtle’s Last Straw

The inspiring true story of how one small turtle and kids all over the country sparked an environmental movement. Based on the viral video that created awareness of the harm caused by plastic straws, this heart-wrenching story is a perfect tool for teaching children about sustainability. Slurp! A boy finishes his drink and tosses it in the

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