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Summer Preview: Pride 2023

Pride is coming up in June! In a year when there’s been an explosion of anti-LGBTQ+ bills and legislation, book bans targeting LGBTQ+ books, and online misinformation campaigns against the queer community, celebrating Pride in 2023 is critical. This year, celebrate and educate with books. Explore queer history with The Stonewall Reader and Transgender Warriors. Give

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Celebrate Justice League Day with Penguin Random House!

Saving the world is a team effort, so on November 18th- the day after the release of their very first feature film-join Penguin Random House and millions of fans around the world in celebrating the members of the Justice League, one of the most iconic Super Hero teams in pop culture history! Enjoy the rich

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Celebrate Batman Day with Penguin Random House!

For Batman Day this year Dr. Harleen Quinzell has decided to takeover! That’s right, the Clown Princess of Crime, Harley Quinn, is taking over Batman day in celebration of her 25th anniversary. Join Penguin Random House in celebrating with a few of our favorite titles featuring Harley Quinn and the caped crusader.

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