Books for Cancer Season

By Kat La Mantia | June 22 2023 | BlogAdultsGeneralAllGift

From the twins to the crab, chatty Gemini yields to caring Cancer from June 22 – July 22 in the Western zodiac. Appropriately for summer, Cancer is a water sign ruled by the moon, both of which symbolize Cancer’s tendency towards changeable moods and their deep connection with the rhythms of the world. The key word for Cancer is “sensitive.” Cancers make great friends and partners, as they’re always sensitive to the needs of those around them and will go out of their way for the ones they love. Cancer seeks stability, an anchor to brace against the constant shifting tides of their emotions. Thus, Cancers are fiercely loyal, and they thrive off building and deepening relationships with others. Cancers are known as homemakers, largely because their hyper-sensitivity to their environment drives them to build a comfortable space where they feel safe. Much like the crab’s hard shell, Cancers use their homes for protection against the pressures of the world. Though their ability to tune into the energies and emotions of those around them is one of Cancer’s greatest strengths, it can also be draining, causing a Cancer to seek calm solitude in order to recharge. Cancer’s high emotional perception grants them a keen sense of intuition, creativity, and empathy.

Cancer will enjoy cozy reads that allow them to unwind after time spent entangled in others’ emotional worlds. Cozy mysteries, tender romances, and multigenerational family epics are their fiction go-tos. Books on setting healthy boundaries will aid Cancer in preserving their own sense of self, and home design books will appeal to their love of homemaking. Our picks for Cancer this month feature celebrities who share the sign, Nick Offerman and Princess Diana, books that honor their zodiac element of water, books all about relationships and feelings, and books that harness their natural intuition.

Baby Astrology: Dear Little Cancer
Discover what makes every Cancer baby special! This perfect book for your little star is part of a gorgeous and 100% giftable 12-book astrology board book series that shares gentle thoughts about the characteristics of a child born under each star sign.
$7.99 US
Apr 28, 2020
6 x 6
Board Book
26 Pages
Doubleday Books for Young Readers
Age 0-3 years

Diana: The Life and Legacy of the People’s Princess
Fully illustrated with beautiful photographs, this special commemorative book by royal biographer Brian Hoey—who had the privilege of meeting Diana on several occasions—pays tribute to the life of this remarkable young woman.
$17.95 US
Aug 01, 2023
7-1/2 x 9-3/4
96 Pages

The Greatest Love Story Ever Told
An Oral History
**Instant New York Times Bestseller**Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman reveal the full story behind their epic romance--presented in a series of intimate conversations between the couple, including photos, anecdotes and the occasional puzzle.
$17.00 US
Sep 03, 2019
6 x 9
288 Pages

The Happy Homebody
A Field Guide to the Great Indoors
A self-care book for introverts, filled with thoughtful reflections, funny musings, and creative prompts.
$29.95 US
Mar 22, 2022
6-1/4 x 8-1/4
208 Pages
Blue Star Press

Clark Little: The Art of Waves Puzzle
A Jigsaw Puzzle Featuring Awe-Inspiring Wave Photography from Clark Little: Jigsaw Puzzles for Adults
This stunning 1000-piece puzzle features an awe-inspiring breaking wave from Instagram sensation Clark Little.
$19.99 US
May 02, 2023
10 x 8
1000 Pages
Clarkson Potter

Burn After Writing (Moon Phases)
The national bestseller.Write. Burn. Repeat. Now with new covers to match whatever mood you’re in."This book has made me laugh and cry, filled me with joy, and inspired me."-TikTok user camrynbanks
$14.00 US
May 02, 2023
5-5/16 x 8
160 Pages

The Hidden Power of the Highly Sensitive Person in a Loud, Fast, Too-Much World
A paradigm-shifting look at a long undervalued yet hugely beneficial personality trait, from the creators of the world’s largest community for highly sensitive people
$28.99 US
Feb 28, 2023
6-1/8 x 9-1/8
272 Pages

The Bullet That Missed
A Thursday Murder Club Mystery
INSTANT NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLERThe third book in the Thursday Murder Club series from million-copy bestselling author Richard Osman.  “The quartet of aging amateur sleuths…remain wonderful company.” —the New York Times Book Review
$18.00 US
Jun 20, 2023
5-1/2 x 8-1/4
368 Pages
Penguin Books

A Killer Sundae
Ice cream shop owner Bronwyn Crewse is in for two scoops of murder in this charming mystery from Abby Collette.
$16.00 US
Jan 04, 2022
5-5/16 x 8
352 Pages

The Hygge Life
Embracing the Nordic Art of Coziness Through Recipes, Entertaining, Decorating, Simple Rituals, and Family Traditions
A food and lifestyle book dedicated to the Scandinavian concept of hygge (loosely translated as "coziness"); how to create it for yourself and others, and how to incorporate it into holidays, travel, decor, entertaining, and everyday life, with approximately 30 recipes.
$22.00 US
Nov 14, 2017
8 x 8
168 Pages
Ten Speed Press

Moon Lists
Questions and Rituals for Self-Reflection: A Guided Journal
Moon Lists is a guided journal structured around the phases of the moon. It provides a place to note feelings of gratitude and moments of mindfulness while celebrating the turn of the seasons.
$14.99 US
Jun 25, 2019
7-1/4 x 9
Stationery & Accessories
160 Pages
Clarkson Potter

The Happy Home
The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Home that Brings You Joy
This lovely and inspirational guide, organized around six joyful qualities, will show you how to create a happier home, through prompts, quick fixes, afternoon projects, and mindful design and organization—The Happy Home is not just a title, it’s a promise.
$22.95 US
Apr 25, 2023
7-1/2 x 8-3/4
176 Pages
Sasquatch Books

In her New York Times bestselling follow-up to Commencement, Sullivan introduces four unforgettable women and the abiding, often irrational love that keeps them coming back, every summer, to Maine and to each other.
$18.00 US
May 29, 2012
5-3/16 x 8
528 Pages

That Summer Feeling
Turns out you're never too old for a summer camp romance. Or a change of heart. When a divorced woman attends a sleepaway camp for adults only, she reconnects with a man from her past—only to catch feelings for his sister instead.
$17.00 US
May 30, 2023
5-3/16 x 8
336 Pages

Black Cake
A Novel
NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • READ WITH JENNA BOOK CLUB PICK AS FEATURED ON TODAY • Two estranged siblings delve into their mother’s hidden past—and how it all connects to her traditional Caribbean black cake—in this immersive family saga, “a character-driven, multigenerational story that’s meant to be savored” (Time).
$18.00 US
Nov 29, 2022
5-3/16 x 8
416 Pages
Ballantine Books

The Stories of This House
A Journal of What Makes Our House a Home
A beautiful journal to capture the memories and everyday life of a home, including milestones, family traditions, renovations, and neighborhood gatherings.
$18.00 US
Oct 04, 2022
7-3/8 x 9-1/8
240 Pages

I Feel That
A quote collection for all the feels
From popular Instagram artist @QuotesByChristie, an inspiring and colorful quote collection for all of your ups and downs.  
$16.00 US
Jun 07, 2022
6 x 6
208 Pages

Your Intuition Led You Here
Daily Rituals for Empowerment, Inner Knowing, and Magic
A practical beginner's guide to magic that helps people achieve healing, transformation, empowerment, and personal growth--from the owners of the destination boutique House of Intuition.
$22.99 US
Dec 28, 2021
6-1/2 x 8-1/2
272 Pages
Rodale Books

How Am I Feeling Right Now?
A Mindfulness Journal for Exploring My Emotions
"Name it and tame it" with this guided journal designed to help you identify your emotions--a simple yet powerful tool for mindful living.
$16.99 US
Feb 28, 2023
5-1/2 x 7-1/2
Stationery & Accessories
176 Pages
Spruce Books

100 Ways to Say No
How to Stop Saying Yes When You Mean No
Do you find yourself saying yes when you really want to say no? From the creator of the popular Instagram account Scribbles by Nicole comes this collection of funny and relatable illustrated “scenari-nos” for overcoming your inner people pleaser, setting appropriate boundaries, and getting to no.
$17.99 US
Jan 10, 2023
6 x 7
144 Pages
Spruce Books

The Cozy Cookbook
More than 100 Recipes from Today's Bestselling Mystery Authors
MORE THAN 100 RECIPES FROMAVERY AAMES/DARYL WOOD GERBERELLERY ADAMSCONNIE ARCHERLESLIE BUDEWITZLAURA CHILDSCLEO COYLEVICTORIA HAMILTONB. B. HAYWOODJULIE HYZYJENN McKINLAYPAIGE SHELTONGreat meals don’t have to be a mystery—but they can come from a mystery. Selecting the most delicious recipes from some of the most popular names in crime solving, The Cozy Cookbook serves up mouth-watering appetizers, entrèes, and desserts that will leave your family or book club group asking, “Whodunit?”In addition to recipes, choose a sleuth du jour from our menu of mystery series and get a taste of each of our authors’ bread and butter—page-turning puzzles and stay-up-all-night suspense in excerpts from their bestselling works.Whether you like your meals sautéed, roasted, baked, or served cold like revenge, The Cozy Cookbook has something to satisfy every mystery fan.This book contains previously published material.
$17.00 US
Apr 07, 2015
6 x 8-1/4
384 Pages

Poems of the Sea
A gorgeously jacketed hardcover anthology of poems from around the globe and through the ages that pay tribute to the world’s great waters. Throughout history, poets have felt the ancient pull of the sea, exploring the full range of mankind’s nautical fears, dreams, and longings. The colorful legends of the sea–pirates and mermaids, phantom ships and the sunken city of Atlantis–have inspired as many imaginations as have the realities of lighthouses and shipwrecks, of icebergs and frothing foam and seaweed. This marvelous collection includes classics old and new, from Homer and Milton to Plath and Merwin. Here are Tennyson’s seductive sea-fairies next to Poe’s beloved Annabel Lee. Here is Coleridge’s darkly brooding “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner” alongside the grandeur of Shakespeare’s “Full Fathom Five.” And here is Masefield’s “I must go down to the seas again” alongside Cavafy’s “Ithaka” and Stevens’s “The Idea of Order at Key West.” In the wide variety of lyrics collected here–sonnets and sea chanteys, ballads and hymns and prayers–we feel the encompassing power of our planet’s restless waters as metaphor, mystery, and muse. Everyman's Library pursues the highest production standards, printing on acid-free cream-colored paper, with full-cloth cases with two-color foil stamping, decorative endpapers, silk ribbon markers, European-style half-round spines, and a full-color illustrated jacket.
$20.00 US
Oct 30, 2001
4-1/8 x 6-1/4
256 Pages
Everyman's Library