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Tim Foley


In Theaters July 21 – Oppenheimer

Based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning book, American Prometheus, Oppenheimer is the true story of the development of the atomic bomb in WWII and the man at the center of it all who found himself destroyed by his own horrific weapons of devastation. Shot in the towering IMAX format, Oppenheimer promises to transport audiences directly into

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President Jimmy Carter’s Enduring Legacy

From peanut farmer to president, and then to human rights advocate and Sunday school teacher, President Jimmy Carter has worn many hats (including a Habitat for Humanity construction helmet). One thing has remained constant: President Carter’s strong sense of duty and his enduring faith. A Nobel Peace Prize recipient, President Carter has fostered a legacy

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UFOs, Aliens, and Other Confounding Phenomena

Hey, what’s going on right now? Spy balloons? Weather balloons? Something else? No one seems to know, or be willing to say, and that means one thing: UFOs. Of course, in a quite literal sense, a UFO is anything in the air we can’t, or don’t want to, identify. Sure, it doesn’t HAVE to mean

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