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Maris Jones, author portrait

Maris Jones

Maris Jones was born in Philadelphia to artistic parents. She coped with the isolation caused by her cerebral palsy by world-building and moviemaking alone in her home. This artistic escapism led to an obsession with crafting sets and movies out of paper and cardboard.

After initially rising to popularity in 2015 on Vine, Jones is now a wildly popular content creator on platforms like Instagram and TikTok. Jones’ incredible creativity has led to her being featured in publications like Rolling Stone, Vogue, Nylon, and Vice, where she explains how that spark in your eye knows, even before your brain nods in agreement. 

She has conducted major campaigns with Valentino, P&G, YouTube, Universal Music, Hulu, Netflix, Gucci, the John Lennon Estate, as well as Joe Biden for President. She’s a time traveler fueled by the thick-sparkle of dreams. She’s an adventurer without a road map. Imagination is her sole compass.