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Kelsey Layne

Kelsey Layne is a designer and self-confessed journal/stationery lover. As the founder of Note and Shine, she is bringing her vision of beautifully designed, user-friendly journals and paper products into the world, including The Self-Love Journal and The Manifestation Journal. She lives in York, England.


Barbiecore: Paint it Pink

While we’re all anxiously awaiting Greta Gerwig’s new Barbie movie, which has already reached an iconic status just through the trailers, it’s time to reevaluate and reclaim the aesthetic joys of American girlhood. Barbiecore, my friends, is about more than just wearing pink. Embracing the Barbiecore ethos means flaunting your vintage Polly Pocket collection, discussing

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Staff Picks + Upcoming Titles: June

June is starting the summer off strong with a crop of great reads! Find fitness wherever you’re at with Slow AF Run Club. Impress guests at a summer dinner party with perfectly crafted cocktails using The Essential Cocktail Deck, and explore the weird and fascinating creatures of the darkest ocean depths with The Deep! June

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