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Lasse Matberg

LASSE L. MATBERG enlisted in the Royal Norwegian Navy in 2006 after working as a full-time chef. After graduating as a lieutenant, he now serves as a sports officer in Stavanger, Norway, where he works as a fitness instructor for recruits. Lasse also works part-time as a model.

Lasse has gone on to win the Norwegian reality show, Farm Celebrity, in 2021, and Italian Shall We Dance in 2019. He is known as 'the viking', and under the name @lasselom he has over a million followers on social Media. He was born in Verdal and lives in Stavanger.


All Things Scandinavian & Nordic

Winter is the perfect season for a little injection of Northern culture. From hearty food to knitted clothes, Nordic and Scandinavian life emphasizes all things cozy and comfortable. The Danish concept of “hygge” showcases this best. Hygge is all about balance, contentment, and taking things slow. Rather the daily rush of work, chores, getting dinner

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Cozy Fiber Crafts

Cold weather means layers, and layers means blankets, sweaters, scarves, socks, and hats. In other words, it’s the perfect time to get into fiber crafts! Whether you want to knit your first scarf, crochet a pair of mittens, embroider a favorite jacket, or construct a grand quilt, we have the books you need to conquer

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