Samira Kazan

Samira Kazan is an award-winning food blogger, recipe developer, and influencer with boundless passion and instant attraction to colorful, vibrant, and healthy things. Samira loves creating delicious, rainbow-inspired, often plant-based recipes and shares her fresh and flavorful Middle Eastern recipes on her blog,, and on social media. Samira is a Netflix/Channel 4 Crazy Delicious winner; has hosted international workshops for brands like Google, Pinterest, and Duty-Free; was featured on Bored Panda online and in Vogue, Time, and Evening Standard; and was on the cover of Artful Living, among others. Samira’s Lebanese background, along with her travels throughout the country, consulting with top chefs and elders, has inspired her to collect and share the amazing tips, best practices, and the authentic and traditional Lebanese recipes in this book.