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Georgina Wilson-Powell

Georgina Wilson-Powell is the founder of pebble, an independent media platform and events business, and the UK’s leading sustainable lifestyle magazine. She has worked as a freelance journalist and magazine editor in various editorial roles in the UK and UAE, and has been published in the Guardian, The Times, the Daily Telegraph, the Financial Times, and the Independent, as well as writing for a range of travel, food, and lifestyle magazines. She is the author of Is It Really Green (DK) and The Eco Conscious Travel Guide, as well as a large number of guidebooks and recipe books published with Time Out.


Climate Conscious Earth Day Reads

April 22 is Earth Day! With another record-breaking summer approaching, combatting climate change is more important than ever. This Earth Day, discover new ways you can help save the planet with books on recycling, sustainable living, reconnecting with nature, and more! Make a difference in your own home by reducing plastic waste or planting a

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A Greener Bookshelf – Earth Day

International Earth Day is celebrated on April 22! This year, cities are marking the day with car-free days and free public transport passes, businesses are making an effort towards sustainability, and neighborhoods are hosting community cleanups and tree plantings. Earth Day is a time to re-focus on the ways we can make our daily lives

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