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Yoshi Yoshitani, author portrait

Yoshi Yoshitani

Yoshi Yoshitani is a California-based artist whose vibrant illustrations draw on inspiration from across the globe, with a particular focus on multicultural identity. Past clients include Disney, DC Comics, Valiant, Image, DreamWorks, and Netflix. Yoshi spends time researching world mythologies, listening to audiobooks, creating fashion inspiration boards, and attending comic conventions and art expos across the country.


Gods, Legends, and Myth-Making

Re-imaginings of classic myths and folklore have been taking the book world by storm, but do you know the mythology behind the bestsellers? Ancient tales of gods, goddesses, and their interactions with the mortal world have long captured our attention, and their original stories are just as engrossing as their retellings in new fiction. Learn

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AANHPI Month – Represent Asian Stories

May is Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander Heritage Month! This May, celebrate the many cultures and stories within the AANHPI community with books by authors of Asian, East Asian, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander heritage and cultures. Discover more books by Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander authors and share these incredible

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