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Jenni Kayne


Books in Bloom

Springtime means warmer weather, a season of renewal, and fresh new books perfect for spring holidays, blooming garden parties, and outdoor adventures! Whether you’re hosting the holidays or looking to flex your green thumb, we have everything you need to gift, garden, and grow this spring. Check out our highlights below to browse our favorite

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Luxury in Neutral

When it comes to high-end interior design, neutrals reign supreme. Prominent in popular décor trends ranging from organic modern to Scandinavian to minimalism and more, neutral tones create a soothing palette that lends a sense of calm to your home while also providing a background for pops of color and style to make maximum impact.

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Coastal Grandmother Trend

The Coastal Grandmother aesthetic is the latest lifestyle trend to gain popularity on TikTok! Inspired by Nancy Meyers films like Something’s Gotta Give, the Coastal Grandmother trend embraces clean and classic home design, cozy craft projects, and the genius of Ina Garten’s Barefoot Contessa. Diane Keaton is also a significant inspiration for Coastal Grandmother fashion: lots of

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