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Four Sigmatic


Mad About Mushrooms

There are few dreams more enticing than the fantasy of disappearing off the grid, living like a cryptid in a cozy cabin deep in the forest, and spending days foraging for mushrooms. Strange and beautiful, delicious and deadly, mundane and mystical, mushrooms capture our imagination and charm naturalists and artists alike. With common species names like

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Mushrooms have been popping up everywhere! The mysteries of mycelia have taken hold of fashion, cooking, interior design, mindfulness, and sustainability. Mushrooms have inspired people to think differently about the world and the role we play in it. One of the most popular inspirations for this trend is the documentary Fantastic Fungi. Since its release in

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Cottagecore for the Summer!

Check out one of the latest lifestyle trends gaining widespread popularity on social media: Cottagecore! The Cottagecore movement embraces the skills and aesthetics of countryside life. Some popular elements of the trend include foraging, picnics, gardening, and crafting centered around sustainability. Sunny summer days will be the perfect time to reconnect with nature and practice

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