Read, Think, and Vote!

By Ella Raath | July 2 2024 | AdultsChildren'sGeneralAllGiftBlog

Whether you’re red, blue, or somewhere in between, one of the few things we can all agree on in an election year is that every vote counts. Highlight this political moment by focusing on the importance of voting as a way to make every voice heard! We highly recommend our Kids Voting collection, as well as our Read Think Vote apparel as accessible ways to engage your community with a simple message: read, think, and vote! 

Children can’t vote… yet. Yet being the key word. With election year upon us, help kids learn what voting is, how it works, and why it matters with one of the books from our Kids Voting collection! These books explain why voting is so important and why every vote counts in a fun and engaging way that children can understand! Find the perfect book for you and your child that puts a spotlight on civic responsibility.

And with Independence Day coming up, take a look at our Read Think Vote collection, which provides the perfect anchor for any political or patriotic display, with hats, totes, socks, and shirts that look great when accessorized with a classic “I Voted” sticker! Pair the line with books to create a retail moment that highlights the importance of voting for all ages!

A Kids Book About Voting
$19.99 US
Sep 24, 2024
7-11/16 x 10-1/16
72 Pages
DK Children
Age 5-9 years

Rock That Vote
An interactive, joyful celebration of classroom elections and the power of voting.
$17.99 US
Oct 04, 2022
9 x 11
32 Pages
Dial Books
Age 4-8 years

Dr. Seuss's Every Voice Counts!
Make Yourself Heard!
Encourage someone to speak up for their beliefs with this small, hardcover giftbook featuring art by Dr. Seuss! An ideal choice instead of a greeting card, it includes unrhymed lines about using your voice to advocate for change!
$8.99 US
Jul 07, 2020
5-1/2 x 6-3/4
32 Pages
Random House Books for Young Readers
Age 7 and up

Vote For Me!
A hilarious political satire by the creator of the bestselling Narwhal and Jelly series.
$17.99 US
Feb 04, 2020
8 x 10
40 Pages
Tundra Books
Age 3-7 years

One Vote, Two Votes, I Vote, You Vote
Laugh and learn with fun facts about voting, the history of democracy in America, and more—all told in Dr. Seuss’s beloved rhyming style and starring The Cat in the Hat!
$9.99 US
Jul 26, 2016
6-1/2 x 9
64 Pages
Random House Books for Young Readers
Age 5-9 years

Read Think Vote 2024 Hat
Read Think Vote 2024 cap
$29.00 US
Dec 13, 2023
Out of Print

Read Think Vote 2024 Tote Bag
Read Think Vote 2024 Tote Bag
$22.00 US
Jan 02, 2024
Out of Print

Read Think Vote 2024 Socks - Large
Read Think Vote 2024 adult socks
$12.50 US
Feb 05, 2024
Out of Print