Disability Pride for All Ages

By Kat La Mantia | July 19 2023 | AdultsChildren'sGeneralAllBlog

July is Disability Pride Month, commemorating the passing of the Americans with Disabilities Act in July of 1990 and inviting us all to celebrate the history and achievements of the disabled community. Combat ableism by engaging with a diverse mix of voices from the disabled community with collections like Disability Pride and Disability Visibility. Read the powerful personal accounts of figures like Selma Blair and Lucy Webster, and discover the past, current, and future struggles of the disability movement with activists like Alice Wong and Judith Heumann.

Introduce little ones to conversations about disabilities withA Kids Book About Disability or the Mr. Rogers classic Extraordinary Friends, and show them that our differences are our strengths with Alexandra Thompson’s I am a Masterpiece or Lucas at the Paralympics.

Browse our top Disability Pride Month picks below, and then click into our title lists to explore even more books on disability and neurodiversity.

Disability Pride – Adult

Disability Pride – Young Readers

Neurodiversity – Adult

Neurodiversity – Young Readers

Disability Pride
Dispatches from a Post-ADA World
A revealing portrait of the diverse disability community as it is today, and how disability attitudes, activism, and representation have evolved since the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
$29.95 US
Nov 29, 2022
6 x 9
272 Pages
Beacon Press

The View From Down Here
Life as a Young Disabled Woman
$24.99 US
Nov 07, 2023
5-5/16 x 8-1/2
208 Pages

Disability Visibility
First-Person Stories from the Twenty-First Century
A groundbreaking collection of first-person writing on the joys and challenges of the modern disability experience: Disability Visibility brings together the voices of activists, authors, lawyers, politicians, artists, and everyday people whose daily lives are, in the words of playwright Neil Marcus, "an art . . . an ingenious way to live." A Vintage Books Original.
$18.00 US
Jun 30, 2020
5-3/16 x 8
336 Pages

Frida Kahlo
The Painter and Her Work
This definitive appreciation of Kahlo’s career features gorgeous full-page reproductions and insightful commentary to illuminate connections between the artist’s life and work.
$50.00 US
Sep 13, 2022
9-1/4 x 11
264 Pages

Mean Baby
A Memoir of Growing Up
Selma Blair has played many roles: Ingenue in Cruel Intentions. Preppy ice queen in Legally Blonde. Muse to Karl Lagerfeld. Advocate for the multiple sclerosis community. But before all of that, Selma was known best as … a mean baby. In a memoir that is as wildly funny as it is emotionally shattering, Blair tells the captivating story of growing up and finding her truth.               "Blair is a rebel, an artist, and it turns out: a writer."—Glennon Doyle, Author of the #1 New York Times Bestseller Untamed and Founder of Together Rising
$17.00 US
May 09, 2023
5-3/16 x 8
320 Pages

Demystifying Disability
What to Know, What to Say, and How to Be an Ally
An approachable guide to being a thoughtful, informed ally to disabled people, with actionable steps for what to say and do (and what not to do) and how you can help make the world a more accessible, inclusive place.
$16.00 US
Sep 07, 2021
6 x 8
176 Pages
Ten Speed Press

I Am a Masterpiece!
An Empowering Story About Inclusivity and Growing Up with Down Syndrome
Tween actress Mia Armstrong celebrates her fun, funny, beautiful childhood living with Down syndrome in this debut picture book.
$19.99 US
Jan 09, 2024
10 x 10
40 Pages
Random House Books for Young Readers
Age 4-8 years

Logan's Greenhouse
Logan searches for carrots in his greenhouse in this vibrant exploration of gardening and healthy eating, from the Where in the Garden? series.
$8.99 US
Sep 26, 2023
10-3/8 x 9-3/8
32 Pages
Age 3-7 years

A Kids Book About Disability
A clear explanation of what disabilities are and how to navigate conversations about them.
$19.99 US
Aug 01, 2023
7-11/16 x 10-1/16
72 Pages
DK Children
Age 5-9 years

A Life of Service: The Story of Senator Tammy Duckworth
Thai American creators portray the inspirational and barrier-breaking life of Senator Tammy Duckworth in a picture-book tribute to an extraordinary woman.Senator Tammy Duckworth has logged a long list of “firsts” during her tenure as the first Thai American woman elected to Congress, including being the first woman with a disability to serve in the House and Senate. But while she dreamed of serving her country from a young age, Tammy’s path was not without its challenges. In this dramatic account, award-winning creators Christina Soontornvat and Dow Phumiruk chronicle Tammy’s journey. From her childhood fight to keep her family from homelessness, to her service in the US Army, to her recovery from grievous injuries sustained in the line of duty, Tammy never lost her determination to keep going against staggering odds. Evoking Tammy Duckworth’s spirited nature with sensitivity and joy, this uplifting account of a groundbreaking military veteran and rising political star will inspire readers to dream and achieve. Includes a time line and suggestions for further reading.
$18.99 US
Sep 27, 2022
9-5/8 x 10-5/8
48 Pages
Age 5-9 years

Rescue and Jessica: A Life-Changing Friendship
“An inspiring tale of compassion and perseverance.” —Booklist (starred review)Rescue thought he’d grow up to be a Seeing Eye dog, but when he gets the news that he’s better suited to being a service dog, he’s worried that he’s not up to the task. Then he meets Jessica, a girl whose life is turning out differently than the way she’d imagined it, too. Now Jessica needs Rescue by her side to help her accomplish everyday tasks. And it turns out that Rescue can help Jessica see after all: a way forward, together, one step at a time. Based on a real-life partnership, this 2019 Schneider Family Book Award Winner features an endnote from the authors about service dogs, including their real-life best friend and black lab, Rescue.
$7.99 US
Mar 02, 2021
9-13/16 x 9-1/16
32 Pages
Age 5-9 years

I am Helen Keller
Now in paperback, this book spotlights disability hero Helen Keller, part of the New York Times bestselling series of biographies for ages 5 to 9.
$9.99 US
Aug 01, 2023
7-1/2 x 7-1/2
40 Pages
Rocky Pond Books
Age 5-9 years

Every Body: A First Conversation About Bodies
Based on the research that race, gender, consent, and body liberation should be discussed with toddlers on up, this read-aloud board book series offers adults the opportunity to begin important conversations with young children in an informed, safe, and supported way.
$9.99 US
May 09, 2023
6-3/4 x 7-1/2
Board Book
36 Pages
Rise x Penguin Workshop
Age 2-5 years

Visual Thinking
The Hidden Gifts of People Who Think in Pictures, Patterns, and Abstractions
A landmark book that reveals, celebrates, and advocates for the special minds and contributions of visual thinkers
$28.00 US
Oct 11, 2022
6 x 9
352 Pages
Riverhead Books

My Brain is Different: Stories of ADHD and Other Developmental Disorders
In this manga essay anthology, follow the true stories of nine people (including the illustrator) navigating life with developmental disorders and disabilities.
$14.99 US
Apr 12, 2022
5-7/8 x 8-1/4
184 Pages
Seven Seas

Born Extraordinary
Empowering Children with Differences and Disabilities
A parent’s guide to empowering children to embrace their visible and invisible differences
$18.00 US
Mar 07, 2023
5-3/16 x 8
272 Pages

Rebel Girls Celebrate Neurodiversity
25 Tales of Creative Thinkers
$8.99 US
Feb 20, 2024
6-1/4 x 8-7/8
64 Pages
Rebel Girls
Age 8-12 years

Wonderfully Wired Brains
An Introduction to the World of Neurodiversity
An informative and inclusive children’s guide to neurodiversity for those not in the know and to inspire children who are neurodivergent.
$16.99 US
May 30, 2023
8-1/2 x 10-7/8
96 Pages
DK Children
Age 7-9 years