Fresh Picks for Sneakerheads

By Kat La Mantia | April 26 2023 | AdultsGeneralAllBlog

Kicks, sneaks, trainers, tackies, and tennies–whatever you call them, the obsession is real. Sitting at the crossroads between sports, fashion, and investment, the sneaker collecting craze is reaching new heights. Ben Affleck’s new movie, Air, which covers the creation of Nike’s Air Jordans, shines a light on the history and cultural impact of these iconic shoes and sneakers in general. Whether you covet rare deadstock pairs, or you set a dozen calendar alarms to make sure you get the jump on the latest drop, check out our favorite picks for sneakerheads of all stripes.

Sneaker Obsession
This comprehensive illustrated history of the sneaker covers everything from athletic wear to street style, Run-DMC to Travis Scott, Reebok to Nike Air Force 1, and limited editions to sustainability.
$25.00 US
Apr 25, 2023
7 x 9-1/2
176 Pages

From Soul to Sole
The Adidas Sneakers of Jacques Chassaing
The definitive book on the creations, career, and legacy of one of the world’s greatest sneaker designers.
$60.00 US
Nov 01, 2022
8-6/7 x 10-2/5
304 Pages

Future Now: Virtual Sneakers to Cutting-Edge Kicks
Shoe design is pushing the boundaries of what is possible in both the real and virtual worlds through state-of-the-art technologies, ground-breaking materials, and new and innovative ways of thinking about what a shoe can be.
$55.00 US
Jun 14, 2022
9 x 10-1/2
224 Pages
Rizzoli Electa

Sneakers x Culture: Collab
A celebration of the great sneaker collaborations that have reimagined the shoe, elevating this most practical of footwear into the realm of wearable art.
$45.00 US
Oct 29, 2019
8-7/8 x 10-3/8
256 Pages
Rizzoli Electa

Nike SB: The Dunk Book
The first book on Nike's iconic DUNK SB, a mid-rise basketball court staple that has in the last two decades become a colorful (and often irreverent) icon of skate and street wear.
$60.00 US
Oct 30, 2018
8 x 10-5/8
352 Pages

The Great American Story of Sneakers
A cultural history of sneakers, now in paperback, tracing the footprint of one of our most iconic fashions across sports, business, pop culture, and American identity
$17.00 US
Apr 30, 2019
5-3/16 x 8
320 Pages

Out of the Box
The Rise of Sneaker Culture
In line with popular titles like Where'd You Get Those? by sneaker legend Bobbito Garcia, this survey offers all the high-gloss collabs a collector could want in one place, fleshed out with new history and interviews with street culture greats.
$50.00 US
Jul 07, 2015
10 x 11-3/4
256 Pages
Rizzoli Electa

1000 Sneakers
A Guide to the World's Greatest Kicks, from Sport to Street
Following on the heels of successful books recently published by Rizzoli like Out of the Box and SLAM Kicks, this guide -- in the same format as two of our most popular recent titles, 1000 Football Shirts and 1000 Football Clubs -- offers a definitive collection of the world's most iconic, best designed, and most collectible sneakers fleshed out with history, design details, and sports trivia.
$32.50 US
Oct 18, 2016
6-3/4 x 9
256 Pages

SLAM Kicks
Basketball Sneakers that Changed the Game
With seventeen years of expertise as the preeminent and biggest basketball magazine in the world, SLAM Magazine is the best source to showcase the history of basketball's most iconic sneakers.
$40.00 US
Mar 11, 2014
8-1/4 x 8-1/4
208 Pages