Celebrate Women’s History Month!

By Scott Lindrup | February 15 2023 | GiftAllGeneralBlogChildren'sAdults

Celebrate the legacy of pioneering women throughout history and the continuing achievements of women today! Artists, activists, scientists, athletes, warriors–hear their voices this month and beyond. Feel inspired by these stories about amazing women who stood up, spoke out, struggled through, and soared.

Check out our Women’s History Month title selections below!

Women’s History Month – Children’s Titles Women’s History Month – Adult Titles

The Light We Carry
Overcoming in Uncertain Times
Practical wisdom and powerful strategies for staying hopeful and balanced in today’s highly uncertain world—from the #1 bestselling author of Becoming and former First Lady Michelle Obama
$32.50 US
Nov 15, 2022
6-1/8 x 9-1/4
336 Pages

Civil Rights Queen
Constance Baker Motley and the Struggle for Equality
This first major biography of Constance Baker Motley—a legendary crusader for civil rights—provides a masterful and eye-opening account of the twin struggles for racial and gender equality in twentieth-century America.
$21.00 US
Mar 07, 2023
5-3/16 x 8
528 Pages

RBG A to Z
The Life of An Icon from ACLU To Gen Z
An illustrated A to Z celebrating the unparalleled impact of the phenomenon that is RBG. 
$14.95 US
Mar 22, 2022
6-1/3 x 7-1/3
56 Pages
Smith Street Books

We Should All Be Feminists: A Guided Journal
Based on the popular TEDx talk and the New York Times best-selling book, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s guided journal contains her most inspiring quotes, writing prompts, and an exclusive introductory essay. This beautifully illustrated hardcover journal is destined to empower and challenge, and help readers discover their own feminist journeys.
$20.00 US
Mar 01, 2022
6 x 8-7/16
240 Pages

The Women Who Make History Collection [3-Book Boxed Set]
Women in Science, Women in Sports, Women in Art
For the first time, the New York Times bestseller Women in Science, Women in Sports, and Women in Art are collected in a gorgeous boxed set, offering stunningly illustrated profiles of 150 pioneering female scientists, athletes, and artists.
$34.99 US
Sep 27, 2022
7-1/2 x 9
Boxed Set
384 Pages
Ten Speed Press

Women in Art: 100 Postcards
100 empowering postcards featuring portraits of 50 diverse, pioneering female artists by the New York Times bestselling author and illustrator of Women in Art.
$20.00 US
Apr 05, 2022
4-7/16 x 6-1/2
100 Pages
Clarkson Potter

Women in Science Puzzle
Fearless Pioneers Who Changed the World 500-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle & Poster : Jigsaw Puzzles for Adults and Jigsaw Puzzles for Kids
This colorfully illustrated 500-piece puzzle features 15 trailblazing women of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics and is a perfect gift for budding feminists and science lovers. A unique 18 x 24-inch-inch poster is included for referencing the design while working on the puzzle.
$16.99 US
Aug 28, 2018
9-3/4 x 7-3/4
500 Pages
Clarkson Potter

Cocktails Inspired by Female Literary Greats
The author of Free the Tipple is back with another collection of delectable cocktails—this time a literary mix inspired by the world’s most iconic women writers.
$19.95 US
Apr 11, 2023
7-1/2 x 9-1/2
160 Pages

Brave. Black. First.
50+ African American Women Who Changed the World
Published in collaboration with the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture, discover over 50 remarkable Black women whose unique skills and contributions paved the way for the next generation of young people.
$12.99 US
Jan 10, 2023
7-1/2 x 10
128 Pages
Age 8-12 years

The Suffragist Playbook: Your Guide to Changing the World
Do you have a cause you’re passionate about? Take a few tips from the suffragists, who led one of the largest and longest movements in American history. The women’s suffrage movement was decades in the making and came with many harsh setbacks. But it resulted in a permanent victory: women’s right to vote. How did the suffragists do it? One hundred years later, an eye-opening look at their playbook shows that some of their strategies seem oddly familiar. Women’s marches at inauguration time? Check. Publicity stunts, optics, and influencers? They practically invented them. Petitions, lobbying, speeches, raising money, and writing articles? All of that, too.   From moments of inspiration to some of the movement’s darker aspects—including the racism of some suffragist leaders, violence against picketers, and hunger strikes in jail—this International Literacy Association Young Adult Book Award winner takes a clear-eyed view of the role of key figures: Susan B. Anthony, Lucy Stone, Sojourner Truth, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Frances Willard, Ida B. Wells, Alice Paul, and many more. Engagingly narrated by Lucinda Robb and Rebecca Boggs Roberts, whose friendship goes back generations (to their grandmothers, Lady Bird Johnson and Lindy Boggs, and their mothers, Lynda Robb and Cokie Roberts), this unique melding of seminal history and smart tactics is sure to capture the attention of activists-in-the-making today.
$9.99 US
Sep 27, 2022
5-1/8 x 7-1/8
160 Pages
Age 12 and up

Queen Elizabeth II: A Little Golden Book Biography
Help your little one dream big with a Little Golden Book biography about Queen Elizabeth II! The perfect introduction to nonfiction for young readers—as well as fans of all ages!
$5.99 US
May 10, 2022
6-5/8 x 8
24 Pages
Golden Books
Age 4-8 years

I am Harriet Tubman
Now in paperback, here is the story of Harriet Tubman's pivotal role in the fight against slavery, part of the New York Times bestselling biography series about heroes, for ages 5 to 9.
$9.99 US
Mar 28, 2023
7-1/2 x 7-1/2
40 Pages
Rocky Pond Books
Age 5-9 years

Little Rosetta and the Talking Guitar
The Musical Story of Sister Rosetta Tharpe, the Woman Who Invented Rock and Roll
A picture-book biography of Sister Rosetta Tharpe, the woman who invented rock and roll—a warm, inspiring tale of a childhood filled with music, community, and a drive to succeed.
$18.99 US
Feb 28, 2023
10 x 10
40 Pages
Doubleday Books for Young Readers
Age 3-7 years

She Persisted in Science
Brilliant Women Who Made a Difference
A STEM-focused addition to the #1 New York Times bestselling She Persisted series! Now abridged as a board book for our youngest feminists and activists.
$9.99 US
Jan 10, 2023
5-1/2 x 7
Board Book
30 Pages
Philomel Books
Age 0-3 years

Troublemakers in Trousers
Women and What They Wore to Get Things Done
Meet twenty-one women throughout history who broke fashion and norms to do something groundbreaking in this unique middle-grade collection that celebrates trailblazers and troublemakers.
$18.99 US
Oct 25, 2022
7-1/2 x 9
176 Pages
Age 9-12 years

Dazzlin' Dolly
The Songwriting, Hit-Singing, Guitar-Picking Dolly Parton
This inspirational and dazzlin’ story of Dolly Parton—noted singer, songwriter, and humanitarian—follows her rise to fame, from her beginnings in East Tennessee to performing to thousands at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville.
$18.99 US
Sep 20, 2022
9 x 11
40 Pages
Calkins Creek
Age 7-10 years

Girls Who Green the World
Thirty-Four Rebel Women Out to Save Our Planet
Part biography, part guidebook to the contemporary environmental movement, this book is the perfect gift for future and current activists and changemakers! Girls Who Green the World features the inspiring stories of 34 revolutionaries fighting for our future!
$19.99 US
Apr 05, 2022
7 x 9
336 Pages
Delacorte Press
Age 12 and up

I am Malala Yousafzai
The youngest ever Nobel Prize laureate, Pakistani women’s rights activist Malala Yousafzai, is the 26th hero in the New York Times bestselling picture book biography series for ages 5 to 8.
$15.99 US
Feb 08, 2022
7-1/2 x 7-1/2
40 Pages
Rocky Pond Books
Age 5-9 years

My Little Golden Book About Misty Copeland
Help your little one dream big with a Little Golden Book biography all about Misty Copeland, the American Ballet Theatre's first Black principal dancer! The perfect introduction to nonfiction for young readers!
$5.99 US
Jan 18, 2022
6-5/8 x 8
24 Pages
Golden Books
Age 4-8 years