The Little Book of Candles

By Emanuel Berger | December 15 2022 | Blog


The Little Book of Candles

A Guide to Styling Your Space, Setting Your Intention, & Illuminating Your Life

By Devon Fredericksen


Have you ever struck a match to light a candle or were calmed by a beautiful lavender scent and wondered about the history and background of candle making? Look no further than The Little Book of Candles, as this compact guide serves as your entry point into all thing’s waxes, wicks and more!


Learn why burning a purple candle can amplify your meditation and what scents will help spark your creativity. Be inspired to create candlescapes that will cast your home in a warm glow or take your entertaining up a notch. Get informed about the ethics behind wax sources. The Little Book of Candles is filled with big ideas that will illuminate your life.


The Little Book of Candles pairs beautifully with candles large and small for wonderful housewarming and holiday gifts. You will become everyone’s favorite when you show up with this wonderful present.

The Little Book of Candles
A Guide to Styling Your Space, Setting Your Intention, & Illuminating Your Life
Let this book illuminate your life as you learn everything about candles, from the self-care benefits to decorating, history, and setting the mood. With descriptive illustrations and photos, this is the perfect gift to pair with candles.This little book is both giftable and unique, complete with easy tips, décor ideas and craft projects, as well as inspirational quotes, rituals, and routines.
$12.95 US
Sep 06, 2022
5 x 7
96 Pages

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