Yay All Day: Good New Journal

By Caroline O'Connor | December 9 2021 | AdultsGeneralAllGiftBlog


Yay All Day!, By Asha Myers and Courtney Cook, is a good news journal filled with uplifting tidbits that celebrate how we can make a difference in our world with silliness, sweetness, and a little bit of sass. Tweens and teens can flip through when they need an infusion of hope and find their own ability to spread optimism and joy, while investing in a daily journaling practice that is proven to improve mental health. A bright and happy 1970s illustration style, lined and dot grid format, and inspirational stories of teens impacting the world for the better make it easy to find your own happy place!



Yay All Day
Daily Inspirational Journal for Tweens and Teens
Think happy! Make every day joyful with this transformative journal. 
$14.95 US
Aug 17, 2021
6 x 7
Stationery & Accessories
128 Pages
Spruce Books
Age 12-14 years