Flower Flash On Sale November 2

By Caroline O'Connor | October 21 2021 | AdultsGeneralAllBlog

Flower Flash, a new book documenting beloved floral designer Lewis Miller’s hugely popular guerrilla flower installations is a gorgeous and poignant behind-the-scenes look at nearly 100 installations. The book’s kaleidoscopic, collage-like design reflects the spontaneous energy of the Flashes, the dynamic spirit of New York City, and the myriad art historical sources from which Miller draws inspiration. Divided into three heavily illustrated sections—The First Flash, Beauty Before Dawn, and Beauty in the Dark—this must-have book tells the story of the early tentative Flashes in fall 2016, the confident Flashes up until early 2020, and the Flashes of the pandemic to the present.

“The Banksy of floral design.”