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By Caroline O'Connor | October 14 2021 | AdultsGeneralAllGiftBlog

Worry Lines has captured hearts around the world by posting daily drawings on Instagram. In this book, Worry Lines interweaves these fan-favorites into an entirely new story about the making of the book itself. Charting the creative process from its anxiety-riddled beginning to its (hopefully) hopeful end, This Book Is for You is a charming and honest portrait of worry.


This book is for you if you are:
1. A Brave Worrier (BW)
2. An Absolute Legend (AL)
3. Anywhere from Mildly Concerned About Something (MCAS) to Deeply Anxious About Everything (DAAE)


This Book Is for You
I Hope You Find It Mildly Uplifting
Beloved artist Worry Lines shares a sweetly funny and deeply relatable illustrated story about hope, worry, and chocolate chip cookies.
$16.99 US
Oct 12, 2021
7 x 8
208 Pages
Ten Speed Press