Welcome Kingston Imperial!

By Caroline O'Connor | May 3 2021 | AdultsAllblogGeneralPop Culture

We are so excited to go live with Kingston Imperial on May 1, 2021. With cookbooks from Trap Kitchen and cocktail books like T-Pain’s Can I Mix You a Drink and Black Mixcellence on the horizon, we know they are going to be a huge hit!


Their Mission Statement: Kingston Imperial was founded in an effort to deliver compelling works from both cutting-edge and bestselling writers, with a mission to inform and entertain readers. We aim to deliver a myriad of releases — action-packed thrillers, intensely distinct memoirs, uniquely angled cookbooks, and entertaining fiction and nonfiction works. We maintain the mantra of publishing in any genre that speaks to us and our audience. After all, your mind opens the moment a book does.

View all of Kingston Imperial’s titles here. Sneak peek for Fall 21 titles below!

Trap Kitchen: Mac N' All Over The World
Bangin' Mac N' Cheese Recipes from Around the World
A collection of 50 delicious worldwide mac n' cheese recipes from two chefs who have graduated from paper to cloth napkins. With Mac N' All Over The World, the Trap Kitchen franchise goes global.
$24.95 US
Nov 02, 2021
7-9/32 x 9-1/8
128 Pages
Kingston Imperial

Can I Mix You a Drink?
Grammy Award winning artist T-Pain brings Can I Mix You A Drink?, a liquor guide inspired by his Platinum hits, combining unique drinks with an experience that only T-Pain can provide.
$29.99 US
Oct 12, 2021
7-3/8 x 9-1/4
144 Pages
Kingston Imperial

Black Mixcellence
A Comprehensive Guide to Black Mixology
Bringing tasty drink recipes from some of the most renowned mixologists and stories of the historical impact of Black people in Mixology, Black Mixcellence is the go-to drink guide for any wine and spirits connoisseur.
$29.99 US
Jan 25, 2022
7-9/32 x 9-3/5
220 Pages
Kingston Imperial