Book of the Week: Feelings

By Caroline O'Connor | April 2 2021 | AdultsGeneralAllGiftBlog

Enter Manjit Thapp’s Feelings, where you’ll find moods that change as quickly as the weather; the different shades of anxiety and hope that each new season brings; and the stages of joy and pain that fuel our growth. From the spark of possibility and jolt of creativity in High Summer, to the need for release from anxiety and pressure during Monsoon, to the desolation and numbness of Winter, Feelings implores us to consider the seasons of our own emotional journeys.






A Story in Seasons
A gorgeous visual journey through one young woman's year of emotions--from the saturated highs of early summer to the grey isolation of late winter.
$21.99 US
Mar 02, 2021
6-1/2 x 8-1/2
144 Pages
Random House

The Little Book of Feminist Saints
A collection of inspiring, beautifully illustrated profiles of 100 groundbreaking women, from Marie Curie and Maya Angelou to lesser-known champions of progress.
$18.00 US
Mar 06, 2018
4-3/4 x 6-7/8
208 Pages
Random House