Reading Through It Together: Educational Resources & Activities to Use While the Kids Are at Home by the Brightly Editors

By Caroline O'Connor | April 6 2020 | AdultsVirtual EventsChildren'sGeneralAllBlog

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Brightly has put together educational resources and engaging activities so there’s always something to keep your kids occupied. Whether you’re looking to keep them focused on learning, just need some peace and quiet, or a little of both, we’re here for you. And together, we’ll get through this. Follow Brightly on Instagram!

Brightly Storytime

      • New Brightly Storytime video will be posted every day at 2pm EST on Brightly’s IGTV
      • YouTube page, which categorizes storytime videos by topic, recommended age, and more for an easy browsing experience

Brightly’s Educational Resources & Activities Guides

        • Brightly has created guides for parents and caregivers to use while they’re homeschooling and entertaining their kids.
        • The guides are separated by age & stage and include reading recommendations, at-home education resources, and printable activities for all ages — from babies to teens.