Penguin Kids Story Time Live (updated for week of 4/6/20)

By Caroline O'Connor | March 24 2020 | BlogVirtual EventsAdultsChildren'sGeneralAll

Every morning on Instagram at 11am ET (and 11:15 am on Facebook) Penguin Kids is hosting a LIVE picture book read aloud for their followers and prompting them with an at-home daily challenge to complete. Follow penguinkids here!!

  • After Story Time Stories: Right after Story Time at 11:30 am, they’re sharing printable activities for parents.


  • Parent Prompts & Tips: Every day at noon they’re sharing an Instagram post and Facebook post designed to engage directly with parents. Check out the incredible feedback received on yesterday’s Birthday Party post!


  • Weekend Challenges : This new weekly initiative was created with Penguin’s Middle Grade titles in mind, as well as to provide parents with a fun activity for kids ages 6-12 over the weekend. First Up: Jessica Kim challenges families to put on an at-home comedy show!!

What’s Coming Next Week (4/6/20):

  • More Story Time Live with Penguin Kids
    • Monday: Strega Nona
    • Tuesday: Eat Pete
    • Wednesday: I am a Wolf
    • Thursday: If I Built a School
    • Friday: Little Engine that Could
  • The Next Weekend Challenge featuring: The Last Kids on Earth: June’s Wild Flight
  • The launch of the Little Engine that Could #IThinkICan Campaign
  • The premiere of The Last Kids on Earth: June’s Wild Flight trailer
  • More DIY Science Experiments with Kate the Chemist
  • and Passover, Easter, and Virtual Holiday Tips


Stay tuned and don’t forget to follow Penguin Kids on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!