Museum ​Store ​Sunday – ​Sunday, ​November ​26

By George Morris | October 14 2017 | AdultsGeneralAllGift


The ​Museum ​Store ​Association ​Launches Museum ​Store ​Sunday, ​a ​New ​International
Shopping ​and ​Cultural ​Campaign

The Newark Museum

​Every ​year ​consumers ​kick ​off ​their ​holiday shopping ​during ​Thanksgiving ​weekend, ​starting ​with ​Black ​Friday ​and ​continuing ​through
Cyber ​Monday. ​Beginning ​this ​year, ​the ​Museum ​Store ​Association ​(MSA) ​is ​launching ​an
exciting ​international ​annual ​event ​and ​shopping ​campaign ​for ​consumers, Museum ​Store
Sunday. ​Taking ​place ​on ​Sunday, ​November ​26, Museum ​Store ​Sunday ​will ​offer ​visitors ​and
consumers ​inspired ​experiences ​and ​shopping ​opportunities ​provided ​by ​stores ​at
museums ​and ​other ​cultural ​non-profit ​attractions.

The ​mission ​of ​Museum ​Store ​Sunday ​is ​of ​global ​reach. ​In ​partnership ​with ​the ​United
Kingdom’s ​Association ​for ​Cultural ​Enterprises ​and ​the ​Museum ​Shops ​Association ​of
Australia ​and ​New ​Zealand, ​MSA’s Museum ​Store ​Sunday aims ​to ​be the ​global ​annual ​day ​to
Be ​a ​Patron ​– ​shop ​conscientiously ​and ​support ​museum ​stores ​and ​their ​missions
worldwide. ​Holiday ​shoppers ​will ​not ​only ​be ​able ​to ​find ​quality ​gifts ​filled ​with ​inspiration and ​educational ​value ​but, ​through ​their ​purchases, ​will ​support ​museums ​and ​cultural institutions, ​enabling ​ongoing ​and ​future ​appreciation ​and ​knowledge. ​Proceeds ​from
purchases ​at ​museum ​stores ​support ​the ​missions ​and ​programming ​of ​museums.

“The ​general ​public ​already ​loves ​shopping ​in ​museum ​stores, ​because ​they ​know ​they ​can
find ​something ​different,” ​says ​Julie ​Steiner, ​President ​of ​the ​MSA ​Board ​of ​Directors ​and
Director ​of ​Retail ​Operations ​at ​the ​Barnes ​Foundation. “Museum ​Store ​Sunday ​gives
people ​a ​chance ​to ​support ​local ​businesses, ​give ​back ​to ​the ​community ​through ​local
non-profit ​museum, ​support ​good ​causes, ​find ​unique ​holiday ​gifts, ​and ​enjoy ​an
entertaining ​and ​educational ​experience ​at ​favorite ​museums, ​all ​at ​the ​same ​time.”

Shop ​with ​Purpose
Holiday ​shoppers ​will ​not ​only ​find ​quality ​gifts ​filled ​with ​inspiration ​and ​educational ​value,
but ​through ​their ​purchases, ​will ​also ​directly ​support ​their ​favorite ​museums. ​These
products ​have ​been ​carefully ​curated ​to ​reflect ​the ​individual ​qualities ​and ​personalities ​of
each institution.

Museum ​Store ​Sunday ​Participants
So ​far, ​more ​than ​450 ​museums representing ​all 50 ​states ​and ​the
District ​of ​Columbia, eight countries, and three continents are ​slated ​to ​partake ​in Museum ​Store ​Sunday ​with ​special ​events,
promotions, ​and ​other ​experiences ​that ​only ​their ​stores ​can ​offer. ​These ​one-of-a-kind
retail ​destinations ​that ​represent ​the ​museums ​and ​institutions ​they ​belong ​to ​offer
rewards ​that ​transcend ​a ​typical ​shopping ​experience. ​For ​a ​complete ​list ​of ​participating
museums ​and ​institutions, ​please ​visit

About ​the ​Museum ​Store ​Association ​(MSA)
The ​Museum ​Store ​Association ​is ​a ​501(c)3 ​international ​organization ​with ​the ​mission ​of
advancing ​the ​non-profit ​retail ​industry, ​its ​museum ​stores, ​and ​the ​success ​of ​the
professionals ​engaged ​in ​it. ​MSA ​offers ​educational ​information ​and ​programs ​throughout
the ​year ​culminating ​in ​an ​annual ​conference ​and ​trade ​show ​highlighting ​the ​best ​in ​the
industry. ​By ​advocating ​for ​and ​encouraging ​high ​standards ​of ​curated ​products,
knowledge, ​and ​professionalism, ​MSA ​helps ​museum ​stores ​and ​their ​non-profit ​retail
professionals ​better ​serve ​their ​institutions ​and ​the ​public. ​For ​more ​information ​visit and follow Museum Store Sunday on Instagram and
Facebook for more details.