What Do Books Do?

By Sarah Williams | September 12 2017 | AdultsChildren'sGeneralAllGift

Books bring people in. A gorgeous cover and a flash of color are all you need to bring energy and design to your windows, tables, and shelves.

Books tell your story. Great retailers know how to tell a story, and books are the perfect introduction to any new theme, holiday, or initiative. They also tell a story about your brand, and let customers know what’s important to you.

Books create an experience. Customers engage with books longer than they do with other products, so they create a deeper retail experience and allow people to feel connected to their purchases.

Books build community. People feel connected to books, and in turn, are more likely to connect with one another. Books create an opportunity for you to build a community of cooks, crafters, and more.

Books sell themselves. They get extraordinary publicity and reviews that drive sales. At Penguin Random House, we publish books of the moment in every category and for every age. We believe we have the right book (or 20!) for every retailer and every customer.

Books sell other products. Books cross-merchandised around the store offer visual context for the products alongside them. A cookbook next to a slow cooker sells the device too, offering a clear image of how it will be used – and even answering the age-old question, “What’s for dinner?”

Books keep people coming back. A book on crafting will inspire customers to return to buy more supplies, tools, and accessories. Whether books offer instruction or inspiration, education or entertainment, they generate new ideas, delights, and hobbies.

Books make great gifts (…our own favorite reason). Books bring joy to any occasion and every season. With a wide range of price points and formats, books are the ideal present or the very best add-on gift.