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Penguin Random House is your one-stop source for the best books and gifts. Our team of in-house category experts and field sales representative groups work with gift stores, distributors, wholesalers, and other specialty retailers to reach customers wherever they’re shopping.

Featuring titles from all publishing divisions of Penguin Random House and across our distribution clients, this site was designed and organized around the themes, occasions, holidays, and categories that are meaningful to your customers.

You can filter by categories and sub-categories that interest you—from pop culture to craft & creativity, from health & wellness to journals, stationery & more. We have over 450 themes and categories to help you find your way. Or you can filter by age, grade, award winners, top sellers, on-sale date or coming soon, and even cover color.

You’ll also find news and announcements, catalogs, sell sheets, order forms, displays, and other materials to help you sell, promote, and market our books in your stores and businesses.

If you are a specialty retailer and want to buy books and gifts from Penguin Random House, please visit our FAQ for more information about setting up an account and then see below to find the right sales person or rep group.

  • If your business is a general gift shop buying across multiple categories, please contact the Field Sales Representative Group in your state or area. Please note that you may have two rep groups to help you in your area—one for Penguin and the other for Random House.
  • If your business is category-specific, such as travel, new age, or a museum, please contact our internal Category experts.
  • If your business is a national account or if you’d like general information, please contact us at SpecialMarkets@penguinrandomhouse.com or at 1-800-729-2960

Field Sales Representatives

24-7 Sales
Penguin NJ (North), NY (Downstate)
Phone: 888-674-6349, ext. 3
Fax: 914-509-1399
Darrah & Company
Random House AL, FL, GA, KY (South), MS, NC, SC, TN
Phone: 800-741-6614 (Atlanta)
Fax: 800-373-6184
Fieldstone Marketing
Random House NJ (excluding Southern tip), NY (Metro & Westchester)
Phone: 843-715-0005
Harper Group
Penguin DE, MD, NJ (South), NY (Upstate), OH (East), PA, VA, Washington D. C., WV
Random House DE, MD, , PA (East), VA, Washington D. C.
Phone: 212-868-1805
Fax: 888-644-1292
Karen Sobolesky & Co.
Penguin AK
Random House AK
Phone: 907-929-3161 (Anchorage Showroom)
Fax: 907-929-3944
Main Street Reps
Random House CT, ME, MA, NH, NY (Upstate - Zips: 120-125/127-149), RI, VT
Phone: 888-654-6246
Fax: 978-474-8500
Rick Goss
Penguin IN, KY
Phone: 317-440-9968
Fax: 317-842-8405
Road Runners
Penguin AL (Southeast), FL, GA, MS, NC, SC, TN
Phone: 888-674-6349
Fax: 914-509-1399
Sandra Bieber
Penguin MI, OH (West)
Phone: 205-937-4403
Fax: 866-220-0955
Stephen Young & Associates
Penguin AZ, CA (South), CO, HI, NV (South), NM, UT, WY
Random House AZ, CA, CO, HI, NV, NM, UT, WY
Phone: 213-748-8814 (S. CA); 214-748-8814
Fax: 213-748-5895
The Winters Group
Penguin CT, ME, MA, NH, RI, VT
Phone: 860-749-3317
Fax: 860-265-7906

Our Category Experts

Bianca Miele
Phone: 212-572-2820
Fax: 212-572-4961
Britney Lipton
Audio, Children's, Educational/Teacher Supply, Literacy, Literary
Phone: 212-572-2397
Fax: 212-572-4961
Evan Oare
Apparel, Gift, Gourmet/Specialty Food, Multicultural/Language, Travel
Phone: 212-366-2484
Fax: 212-572-4961
George Morris
Aquariums, Botanical Gardens, History, Museums, National Parks, Outdoor/Nature, Presidential Libraries
Phone: 212-572-2347
Fax: 212-572-4961
Katelyn Connor
Phone: 212-572-2325
Fax: 212-572-4961
Marcus Mueller
Erotica, Garden, Health, Home, New Age
Phone: 212-572-2526
Fax: 212-572-4961
Scott Lindrup
Author Retail, Business, Collectibles, Entertainment/The Arts/PBS, Hobbies, Restaurants, Sports
Phone: 212-572-2328
Fax: 212-572-4961
Tyler Duke
Automotive, Pets & Animals, Politics/Law
Phone: 212-572-2391
Fax: 212-572-4961
Tyne Hunter
Anime, Games, Graphic Novels, Pop Culture
Phone: 212-782-8397
Fax: 212-572-4961
William Bauers
Phone: 719-264-5674
Fax: 800-659-2436